high qualification

A wide range of medical care in more than 10 medical specialties

round-the-clock work

Contact Center informs and records patients 24/7

reasonable prices

Flexible system of discounts for software services for children and adults

Services of our clinic

• Conducting a medical examination of seafarers in order to determine their suitability for work on ships in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and national legislation of Ukraine;

• medical examination for the right to drive vehicles;

• medical examination for the right to store and carry weapons;

• medical examination for the right to operate the water-motor (small) fleet;

• medical examination of employees of public catering enterprises (decreed population contingent);

• medical examination upon employment, as well as persons with harmful and dangerous working conditions;

• medical examination for applicants (F-086 / o);

• organization and conduct of pre-trip and after-trip medical examinations of vehicle drivers;

• organization and conduct of psychophysiological testing;

• Laboratory diagnostics;

• medical practice (according to a specific list of medical specialties)

• carrying out preventive measures, including preventive examinations and rehabilitation, including on a contractual basis with enterprises, organizations and individual citizens;

• organization and monitoring of statistical accounting and reporting, as well as direct work on compiling reports on the medical care provided;

• other activities that are not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and meet the main purpose of the institution.

Medical staff

The clinic employs experienced doctors with a narrow specialization, which allows us to select the most effective solution to any patient's problem

Head physician, narcologist, psychiatrist

Rocha Vasily Vasilievich


Solonenko Alexandra Evgenievna


Solynko Ruslan Nikolaevich


Simachenko Anna Vladimirovna


Initial manifestations of cerebral pathology, chronic cerebrovascular accident (discirculatory encephalopathy, headaches, vascular crises, manifestation of vegetovascular dystonia against the background […]
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Acupressure (acupressure, acupuncture) - based on the acupuncture technique (apply active massage of the same points). It has no contraindications.
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