Services of our clinic

  1. Conducting a medical examination of seafarers in order to determine their health suitability for work on ships in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and the national legislation of Ukraine.
  2. Medical examination for the right to drive vehicles. Today, a medical certificate for drivers is needed: when applying for a driver’s license; restoration of lost driver’s license; making adjustments to personal data; when making an accident; during the inspection. Documents required for obtaining a certificate for drivers: • Ukrainian passport; • two photos 3 × 4; To obtain a medical certificate 083 / o, patients undergo examination by specialists, undergo the necessary functional and laboratory examinations. In the medical center “Odessa Medical” we issue a medical certificate for the driver of the established sample quickly, efficiently and with minimal time!
  3. Medical examination for the right to store and carry weapons. “Medical certificate for obtaining permission (license) for the object of the licensing system”, form 127 / о. In the medical center “Odessa Medical” registration of this medical certificate will not take you much time. Our experts will conduct a qualified medical examination. Required documents • the passport • military ID • two photos 3 × 4 • certificate from a narcologist, psychiatrist
  4. Medical examination for the right to manage the water-motor (small) fleet.
  5. Medical examination of workers in public catering trade (decreed population contingent).
  6. Medical examination upon employment, as well as persons with harmful and dangerous working conditions.
  7. Medical examination for applicants (F-086 / o). • the passport • extract from an outpatient card • fluorography • vaccination statement • school name A medical certificate of form 086-y is a medical document that must be submitted to an applicant upon admission to a university. At the medical center “Odessa Medical” at a time convenient for you, we will draw up a medical certificate for applicant 086 / о. Our experts are one friendly team, aimed at fast and high-quality execution of work.
  8. Organization and conduct before and after voyages of medical examinations of drivers of vehicles.
  9. Organization and conduct of psychophysiological testing.
  10. Laboratory diagnostics.
  11. Medical practice (according to a specific list of medical specialties)
  12. Carrying out preventive measures, including preventive examinations and rehabilitation, including on a contractual basis with enterprises, organizations and individual citizens.
  13. Organization and control of statistical accounting and reporting, as well as direct work on compiling reports on the medical care provided.
  14.  Another activity that is not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and meets the main objective of the Institution.
  15. Medical Board for seafarers list of what we do: Dominican, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brunei, Cayman islands, Cup Islands, Panama, costa rica, Cyprus, On cruise ships Greece, Honduras, Horizon, ILO, Mlc, Italy, Liberia, Mongol’s, Singapore, Kotovras, Tuvalu, Belize, Vanuatu, Honduras, Sacher, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Marshall, Liberia, Poland, Portugal, St. Vincent, Faeroe islands.

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